There's an Easier Way to Get Rid of Hair

Offering men's body waxing services in Shreveport, LA

Hate plucking your brows? Tired of shaving every day? Haus of Beaute offers men's body waxing services for clients in the Shreveport, Louisiana area. Waxing removes hair completely and keeps it gone for weeks at a time. You can come to us for every kind of men's body waxing service, including chest, back and bikini.

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There's unwanted hair where?

Haus of Beaute offers everything from arm waxing to full manzilian wax services at our Shreveport, LA spa. Our services and rates are:


  • Shoulder & Neck: $35 | Hair is waxed from shoulders and neck area
  • Underarms: $28 | Hair is waxed from the entire armpit and tweezing to ensure no strays are left behind
  • Full arms: $50  | Hair is waxed from top of your shoulders to your fingertips
  • Half Arms: $40  | Hair is waxed from elbows to your fingertips
  • Chest: $50  | Hair is waxed from the collarbone down to the hip bones
  • Full Legs: $75  | Hair if waxed from the top of your thighs to the tips of your toes
  • Half Legs: $65  | Hair is waxed from the top of the knee down to the toes
  • Male Full Back: $60  | Hair is waxed from the base of the neck to just about the buttocks
  • Male Half Back: $50  | Hair is waxed from shoulders to mid back or mid back to just above the buttocks
  • Manzilian: $130 | Removes all hair from pubic area and also includes butt strip and inner thighs
  • Manzilian Maintenance: $100 | Only select this option if you have been waxed at Haus Of Beaute within the last 4-6 weeks! If you select this option and haven't been seen here within 4-6 weeks your appointment will be modified to a full manzillian!
  • Biker: $85 
  • Butt Strip: $12 | Hair is removed from the strip between the buttocks
  • Full Buttocks: $45 | Hair is removed from the cheeks and the strip in between the buttocks

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